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E.P.I.C. Rewards Points Program Application

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The above noted merchant (the Merchant) hereby applies to Advantage 360 Rewards Inc. of 7777 Keele St, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 1Y7, (operating as E.P.I.C. Rewards), the issuer of E.P.I.C. Rewards Points, for participation in that program, according to the following terms;

  • NO CONTRACT TERM: The merchant acknowledges that there is no contract term and that they can withdraw from the program at any time with 30 days notice.
  • PROGRAM PARTICIPATION: Participation in our turn key Rewards Program requires a set up fee of $100 USD* and an initial purchase of a minimum of 5,000 points at a cost of $50 USD. Additional points can be purchased at $0.01 USD. ADVANTAGE 360 offers a 100 % points buy-back policy.
  • POINTS VALUE: The cost and redemption value of each point is $0.01 USD.
  • REWARD LEVEL: The merchant agrees to offer a reward level of _______ Percent for each pre-tax dollar spent by E.P.I.C. Rewards program participants.
  • POINTS PURCHASE: The merchant agrees that they will purchase E.P.I.C. Points from Advantage 360 Rewards Inc., for distribution to all Program participants who make purchases at the merchant’s location and upload the purchase receipt via our proprietary mobile app.
  • POINTS TOP UP: The merchant further acknowledges that only points that are pre-purchased from ADVANTAGE 360 will be distributed to qualifying participants. For clarity, where there are insufficient points to fund a qualifying purchase, no points will be issued for that purchase or any subsequent purchase until the points account balance has been replenished.
  • MONTHLY MANAGEMENT FEE: ADVANTAGE 360 will manage your program by validating the participants transaction receipts, calculating and distributing points on behalf of the merchant, monitoring the points balance in the merchant’s prepaid points account, and providing the participant with a mobile app to view their points. We also manage the merchant database and create exposure of your business to program participants worldwide. For this, ADVANTAGE 360 will charge a monthly fee of $10 USD*. For your convenience this can be charged and withdrawn from your pre-funded points account balance at a rate of 1,000 points per month. *Subject to change.
  • MARKETING MATERIAL: Any marketing material either provided by ADVANTAGE 360 or created by the merchant for this program (and approved by Advantage 360) should be visible to the program participants. In the event of merchant withdrawal from the program or termination for any reason, the merchant agrees to immediately remove all marketing materials from public view.
  • APPROVAL PROCESS: The merchant acknowledges that this application is subject to approval by Advantage 360 Rewards Inc., at their sole discretion, and is not considered a valid and binding agreement until signed by an authorized representative of ADVANTAGE 360. In the event that a merchant is not approved, any amount received for the setup fee and initial points purchase will be returned to the merchant.
Please make Cheques payable to E.P.I.C. Rewards or provide credit card info below

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I authorize Advantage 360 Rewards Inc. to charge my credit card for the following amount USD $_______   Signature

This application and agreement dated the ________day of _______________________, 2019.

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